Custom Applications that Bring Your Ideas to Life

Do you need to create a new application for a startup or to increase your business offerings or improve a workflow? We’re with you every step of the way to develop a custom application. Whether you’re looking for a custom web application, native mobile iOS or Android application, or a hybrid application, Aery has the skills and experience to bring your vision to life.

The Types of App Projects We Are Hired For

  1. You have a legacy application that is based on outdated technology and needs to be rebuilt.
  2. You are a startup with an idea for a new application.
  3. You have outgrown your current application and need more features.
  4. Your business is expanding into a new area and you need a team to handle the technology and development.
  5. You want to automate or digitise business processes that are currently done on pen and paper or very inefficiently.
  6. You need to fill a knowledge gap in your organisation due to a staff member leaving the organisation
  7. You want to get outside expertise and advice on certain aspects of an application.

From Idea To Reality

Eureka! You’ve got an app idea. Now what? There are many steps to go before your idea is brought to life. And we’re here for you every step of the way.

Planning Your App

Together we look at project milestones, your MVP (minimum viable product) and timeline for launch. We pick the tech stack that will be used for app development based on your project’s unique requirements.

UI/UX Design

Your app then enters into the UI/UX design phase so that you have a seamless user-first experience with an intuitive interface. We look at information architecture and workflows that will meet your unique requirements. We then move on to the wireframe face to map out the platform specific UIs in a rough way. Wireframes are then handed off to design to create style guides and mockups of the app. Aery manages every step in the process and works with your team to ensure your satisfaction at each project milestone.

App Development

When your app is ready for development, our developer team springs into action! Using industry leading technology and security practices, Aery develops your app and brings it to life. During the development process we give you continuous updates on the progress of your application and get a head start on testing during development. Testing throughout the development process helps us tackle things that may have changed since the project brief and enables us to implement new ideas and insights that come up while we are developing, testing, and using the software. Discussing this together helps us develop the best possible version of the app!

Application Testing & Deployment

Once your application is developed it goes into a robust testing phase. Aery will extensively test the app using multiple devices to mimic real-life usage. Your team will also be involved in application testing and bug reporting to ensure the app has the best user experience possible.

Our application testing, depending on the project scope and budget, can include:

  • Developer testing
  • Client testing
  • Automated testing (automated tests that can be made in an interface by us or the client)
  • Unit tests (programmable tests that assert certain operations are working properly)
  • QA engineer testing (a separate team member in our organisation helps test the application rigorously)

Ongoing Support

Aery offers ongoing support for your app to ensure it’s regularly updated and maintained. Keeping the application updated is very important, as open source software that is used always needs to be kept up to date to ensure the security of the application. Do new features need to be added? We’re here to help! We love to think with you and come up with ways to improve the application.

Technology That Leads The Pack

We use leading application development frameworks to bring your dream into reality. Here are some of the technologies and frameworks that we use in our work:

  • C#
  • Typescript
  • Angular
  • Vue
  • HTML5
  • Javascript
  • Python
  • PHP
  • Flutter
  • Go
  • .NET
  • Ionic

Interested in using another platform or technology? Feel free to reach out about what you’re looking for.

Security-First Applications

Your biggest risk in app development? Choosing the wrong technology partner who doesn’t focus on app security. Aery uses industry leading security practices and development to write secure code as the base of your app. Your app is built using end-to-end encryption for full GDPR compliance and data safety. Our apps are built with the following security considerations at the forefront:

  • High-level authentication practices
  • Use of tamper-detection technologies to monitor code health
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • Internal code repositories
  • Ongoing bug testing and patching

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